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Your help is needed!

Dimensionauts! We need you! We’re going to open some more Unstable Dimension research rounds, this time a bit more frequently. The dimension will open every day for an hour at 10am GMT and 10pm GMT.

Some users have already reported some incredible experiences in the Unstable Dimension via email, Facebook and Twitter If you haven’t already, please give us a shout on there too!

You’ll need to get to reach the Mediant Level of the Multiverse before you can unlock the Unstable Dimension. Get there by finding all the Artifacts in the other Dimensions – watch out for the Nephilim! Remember to unlock Collective, simply connect with your friends on Facebook / Twitter in the Drawer ( at bottom of the Launch screen ) in the app.

For all those who still haven’t heard the weird delights of Unstable, listen to this: Unstable Dimension! by rjdjme